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Our family has always loved decorating gingerbread houses together as a Christmas tradition. In 2010, we decided to throw a gingerbread decorating party. Instead of gathering house kits all over town or baking lots of gingerbread, we thought it would be fun to build a permanent gingerbread house that could be used over and over again. The party was a success! We began to take orders for these little houses and worked on weekends as a little fun hobby. We had no idea that in a few weeks it would grow into so much more.

We thought, how could we make this not just about us and our family but have a bigger vision... a bigger floor plan, if you will? The search for help landed us in Reynosa, Mexico. Isaiah 55 Ministries had been leading the way in educating the deaf in Mexico. There was a NEED to provide learning opportunities for young adults to have a trade and/or skill upon graduation to enable them to earn a living and feel purpose. The students and community completely captured our hearts and we are thrilled to be working with them!  Every Forever Gingerbread house is handmade with care by team members of the vocational program and the sales will directly benefit the program and the deaf community in Mexico.