Who Does It Impact?

Isaiah 55 Ministry has been answering the call to come alongside and give hope to the deaf through education for the last 12 years. Language is truly liberating to these children and families in Mexico. The children are given the gift of communication and educated by an amazing group of national teachers. The deaf students learn Mexican sign language and know they have value, purpose and are given confidence to communicate with the world around them. The school is life changing for MANY MANY families. These families would not have an opportunity to educate and have a relationship with their hearing impaired child without this school. We are proud to partner with the new vocational program. Gingerbread houses are used as a training tool to teach carpentry and painting skills to young adults who desire to enter the work force in hopes to provide for their own families. Every Forever Gingerbread house purchased, directly effects Reynosa, Mexico. Gingerbread Houses are making an impact within this community! Looking forward to seeing vocational program growth in 2015!!!